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The Miracle – Mikuru Speaks To Darts World.


Дартс гэж юу вэ?

A little while ago our lead reporter caught up with the remarkable Mikuru Suzuki. As well as revealing her discomfort at having to wear shoes in her own house, against Japanese tradition, to play Phil Taylor, she enjoyed a full Q & A session ‘our man in Japan’: Darts World: What was your childhood like, where did you grow up in Japan? Mikuru Suzuki: I grew up in Osaka in a city called Katano. It’s a bit in the countryside with lots of nature. I think I was a quite active child. DW: How many in your family? Brothers and sisters? MS: We are a family of three. My husband and son. I also have an older brother who is two years older. DW: What did you first want to be when you grew up for a job? MS: I had no specific career in mind but I wanted a job that allows me to talk with other people. DW: When did you first play darts, how old and where? MS: I was 26 when I threw my first darts. My friend took me to a dart bar and we played there. DW: What was your first big win which meant you knew you could go professional? MS: There is a soft (electronic) darts pro tour (for which, a player has to get a pro license) in Japan. I think it was the first win of one of those tour stop in Nagoya.

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