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Veenstra Triumphs in Remote Darts League Two!


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Dutchman Richard Veenstra crowned himself Remote Darts League Champion on Monday Night as the 2nd edition came to a close with victory over Paul Hogan in the decider, denying the Englishman a chance to become Remote Darts League Champion for the 2nd time after he had lost to James Richardson in the 1st edition of the Darts at Home Tournament 2 months back. The 1st Semi Final of the night was between Reigning and Defending Remote Darts League Champion James Richardson up against Paul Hogan, who finished 4th in the league phase having picked up 20 points from a possible 30 and was Runner Up in the 1st Remote Darts League. The match began with Hogan racing into a 4-0 lead winning legs in 13,14,16,15 darts respectively as well as hitting a 1st 180 of the night. Richardson picked up his 1st leg of the match in the 5th leg in 14 darts before Hogan fired in a 15-dart leg to go 5-1 up. Richardson fired in 3 consecutive legs in 17, 16 and 15 darts respectively to reduce the deficit to just a single leg. From there on now, Hogan dominated the match by winning 3 consecutive legs to finally end James Richardson’s unbeaten run in the Remote Darts League to book his spot in the final with an 8-4 win by winning the final 3 legs in 14,19 and 17 darts respectively and pinned his 3rd and 4th along that way.

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